Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Woodland Animals...

Today I was looking through a Family Fun magazine while rocking the little man to sleep and came across a cute picture of some little forest animals. All I had to say to the girls was `lets craft` and they were on a mission to round up scissors, glue, felt, ect. Here is a peek at what we did...
First, I dug out my stash of toilet paper rolls that I have been stuffing with dryer lint to use for fire starters next time we go camping. The girls were eager to clean them out... they will pick woodland creatures over fire starters any day. :)

I cut a square of felt out and wrapped it around a tp roll.

They had fun running the tube of glue... if I would be doing them myself I would use hot glue since it dries so much faster but this worked well with the girls.

Then, I tucked the back side in to cover the hole up and also to give me a point to work with and make ears out of it. Then I just pulled and cut until I got the look I wanted. I also cut out little pieces for the face, tail, feet, ect. I didn't take pictures of those steps because they are very easy to just look off of the finished project and cut them out.

Putting some glue on the back for a tail.

.Once we finished the fox, we did a raccoon. Everything was pretty much the same except for different color felt. Here we glued stripes on to the tail.

Cut the excess off...

And here we have it, a fox and a coon. 

Her face says it all... Hopefully more to come in the next few days. :)