Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cardinal Banner

Ok, this may just be the quickest craft ever... I got this idea out of Family Fun magazine & I am pretty sure that if you would go to their website they would have a printable template you could use to make a banner. I just cut the pieces out myself, made a pile of birds, a pile of wings, buttons, beaks, ect. and the girls assembled them while I hot glued them together and then on to a piece of ribbon. I don't have many Christmas decorations so this was a quick, easy way to add to my collection.
Here is the bird bodies, wings & eyes. I made a variety of wings for the girls but it would be fine to make them all the same.

Here are the beaks. They wanted some with opened beaks & some with closed.

And here is the finished product, glued on to  a piece of ribbon.
 Also, you can see that we added a little cottage for our woodland animals. I got an old book, covered the cover with felt & then just cut out door, windows, ect. The girls had fun picking out what colors to make things. The trickiest part was getting the smoke to stand up but you can see on the picture below that I used a couple toothpicks to help me out.


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