Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

This summer our stove top quit working which pushed us into a complete kitchen makeover, something we had been wanting to get done ever since we bought our house nearly 8 years ago. We had re-done most of the other rooms in our house but the kitchen looked like a huge project to us. So huge that we preferred using it the way it was instead of tackling it. But, since we were always `just about` to do it, I didn't ever want to waste my time painting because I knew that when we re-did it, there would be some remodeling involved that would mess up any painting I did. So... for nearly 8 years we left it like it was. Then this summer our stove top stopped working. Our stove was on the counter and you can see the oven here on this picture up in the cabinet. Since it was so much cheaper to buy a one piece stove/oven we knew our remodeling time had come...

I wasn't totally fair with the Before picture since I took it when the kitchen was messy but it really wasn't pretty even if it was clean. :) 
One of the first things we did was take  the oven from out of the cabinet, cut the cabinets off right above where the oven had been, plus, cut the back half of that cabinet off so that it would sit flush with the others. You can tell how far the cabinet used to stick out by looking at the paint on the ceiling. It was amazing how much just getting that cabinet/oven out of there opened up the kitchen!!

If you look closely, you can tell where the stove piece had been. It was right beside the new stove & on this picture we had already taken it out and put in a piece of plywood.

The girls thought it was so fun when I put them on the counter with a bunch of Sharpies and told them to get creative. :) 

We put up plastic over the big doorway between the kitchen & our den to keep the dust confined to the kitchen & then we sanded everything down.(When I say we I actually mean my dear husband) Bless his heart, he even  put sheet rock mud on the walls and sanded them back down so now you cant tell we have paneling in there.

Here we had the ceiling painted, the walls, the inside of the cabinets & were working
on the outside of the cabinets.
And here we are... cabinet doors painted & back on, new counter top, a little wall built for beside the stove (the first stove we got didn't work right so when we took it back, we exchanged it for a black one) And then I made some curtains for the window & painted the clock. 
 I got my inspiration for my colors while vacationing in Honduras. Down there all the buildings are either clay brown or concrete gray. So the walls are clay brown & the cabinets are concrete gray. And then they have signs painted all over their stores so I painted a 7-up sign on the wall.... I am not quite done with it yet.

The clock...

And a closer up of the sign...
So there you have it... Before 
 And After!!
Here you can see a little bit what the clock looked like before it was painted. You can also see where he cut the valence above the sink into an arch. Also, on either side of the sink there were 5 little drawers that he took out and made into cabinets. The one is actually a pull out garbage can now, which I love!! :)



  1. Love this! You all did a good job!

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  3. Ok, you'll be glad to know I figured it out and I am now following your blog so keep posting. :)

    1. Glad to have you!! :) By the way, I think we are practically neighbors... we live out close to the lake. :)